The Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD), coordinated by CI, is a forum of EU and US consumer organisations. TACD develops and agrees on joint consumer policy recommendations to the US government and the European Union to promote the consumer interest in EU and US policy making.

TACD conducts its work through a series of policy committees that allow for sharing of information and best practice and the development of common policy positions. TACD currently has policy committees that look at: intellectual property, information society, climate change, food, financial services and nanotechnologies.

TACD has formal advisory status to the Transatlantic Economic Council, a high-level government-to-government forum and also contributes to the EU-US High Level Regulatory Cooperation Forum, as well as other sectoral dialogues.


TACD is currently funded by grants from the European Union and the Open Society Foundations.

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TACD has its own dedicated website, which provides the latest news on policy resolutions, meetings and events.


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