About the issue

Consumers everywhere need access to stable, fair and competitive financial services. But for too long abusive market practices have been the norm and the recent global recession has not improved matters.


G20 Campaign - Consumers for Fair Financial Services

Reforming the global financial system has been a priority for world leaders in the wake of the financial crisis. But so far protecting banks has taken priority over protecting consumers. With its members around the world, CI has launched a new campaign calling on the G20 to take meaningful action on financial consumer protection.

Financial Crisis

A lack of consumer protection was instrumental in bringing about the recent financial crisis. The global consumer movement has set out key demands to address this. You can find out more in our Financial Crisis section.

Financial Education

Consumers of financial services must be equipped to navigate the complex array of choices they are faced with. Financial literacy is important across the world, not least in developing countries which provide an estimated 150 million new consumers a year to financial markets. You can get a feel for the work we are doing in this area in our Financial Education section

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