CPL in Southern Africa

In May 2012, the Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa (OSISA) granted further funds to CI to enable the continuation of its consumer protection legislation (CPL) work in Southern Africa.


The 12-month project, Consumer Citizens as Drivers for Pro-poor Development - Rising to the Challenges, will enable CI and six of its members to work towards increased awareness of rights and responsibilities amongst economically disadvantaged consumers. It will also seek to strengthening consumer organisations, pro-poor consumer policy, and regulatory frameworks across Southern Africa.

Establishing good CPL is fundamental to the development of consumer rights around the world. It is the thread that runs through all consumer rights work, from campaigning on access to essential services to calls for better standards and clearer labelling.

CI's previous collaboration with OSISA resulted in widespread interest from other countries in the region that see a need to establish similar laws to protect their consumers.

The new project will build on the previous two years of CPL work also funded by OSISA in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia.

CI members involved in the new work are:

The project emphasises the rights and responsibilities of individuals (both as consumers and citizens), and the role that consumer groups can play in promoting economic and social justice.

The start date of the new project was 1 May 2012 and it runs until 30 April 2013. It will hold its first workshop in South Africa on 25-26 July 2012, where all the partners will be represented.

For further details of the project please contact the CI Africa office staff:

Consumer justice and protection is a priority programme for CI as part of the Your Rights, Our Mission | Strategy 2015.

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