Consumer protection in Bangladesh

Second phase of 'Training for Strengthening Consumers Association of Bangladesh' project

In April 2010, Consumers International (CI) was commissioned by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) to assist in reviewing the current state of consumer protection in Bangladesh as part of the Bangladesh Quality Support Programme supported by the European Union (EU) and co-funded by NORAD. (Background information to the UNIDO Bangladesh project can be found here.)

In carrying out this mission, CI undertook an analysis and evaluation of consumer protection measures in Bangladesh and the report on Recommendations for Efffective Implementation of the Consumer Rights Protection Act, 2009 in Bangladesh is the outcome of the process. This is the first step in analysing the Consumer Rights Protection Act, 2009 to provide general recommendations to UNIDO to strengthen the law and the regulatory regime of consumer protection in the country.


Research focus

The research was carried out during April to June 2010 and includes a review of the trajectory of development and implementation of the Millennium Development Goals within Bangladesh, a comparative analysis of the current consumer law in Bangladesh, explores current policy settings and identifies the need for interactive consumer and competition measures.

Gaps and flaws

In substance, there are many gaps in the law. The Act has not been effectively implemented since its formulation, and it is apparent that there is no viable institution to support it.

The report attempts to comment on gaps, flaws and limitation in the Bangladeshi law, and suggestions are made for improvement.

It also seeks to spell out essential elements of a successful consumer rights monitoring authority with reference to the UN Guidelines, 1985. References are made to issues of governance, and emphasis is put on the need for more significant levels of consumer involvement in policy-making and implementation relating to consumer protection.

Pictorial guide for consumers: Consumer protection in Bangladesh

Other publications

In the framework of the same project, CI has also produced a number of materials to assist stakeholders in Bangladesh: a booklet on consumer protection in Bangladesh (in English and Bengali), a pamphlet (in Bengali) and a pictorial guide (pictured above and to download below) to enable illiterate communities to access advice and assistance in meeting their essential needs.


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