Call for ‘No More Zero Star Cars’

CI and its Members call on global car manufacturers to voluntarily adopt the minimum UN vehicle safety standards for all new cars.

Global car production is concentrated in the hands of a small number of major manufacturers. They can make a significant difference to vehicle safety by insisting on meeting minimum UN safety standards.

Car manufacturers currently sell unsafe cars into markets that are weakly regulated. At the same time, much safer cars are produced for countries with high mandatory safety standards.

This has to stop. All consumers deserve the same minimum level protection from death and injury, no matter where they are. The cost of installing life-saving technologies amounts to only a few hundred US dollars per car, so there really is no excuse. Car manufacturers must ensure that all new cars meet universal minimum safety standards.

CI Members in Mexico, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Pakistan are campaigning for the major manufacturers in their country to voluntarily comply with minimum global safety standards.

>> Visit our Global Car Safety Campaign page

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