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VOICE Society

VOICE Society
Joining date:  15 Mar 1992
Operational language:  English
Member type:  Member
Type of Work:  Campaigning and/or lobbying, Consumer Advice, Consumer Legislation, Dispute Resolution, Networking, Product Testing, Publishing, Research/Policy analysis
Location:  India
Telephone:  +91 11 47331025, 29840455
Fax:  +91 11 29849081
Main contact:  Mr. Ashim Sanyal
Position:  Chief Operating Officer


Registered in 1999, VOICE Society was promoted by the Voluntary Organisation in Interest of Consumer Education (VOICE), a consumer protection group set up by teachers and students in 1983 with the avowed objective of promoting and strengthening consumer education in India. Its main mission is to empower consumers through comparative product testing and services evaluation; to propagate the concept of Best Buys in relation to product and service performance; to develop a centre for comparative testing of goods and services based on international norms; to educate consumers about good business practices in competitive market; to trigger a change by sensitising stakeholders towards quality products and services.

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