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InfoCons Association

InfoCons Association
Joining date:  17 Jan 2012
Operational language:  English
Member type:  Member
Type of Work:  Campaigning and/or lobbying; Consumer Advice; Dispute Resolution; Product Testing; Research / Policy analysis; Co-operative purchasing; Drafting and enforcement of consumer legislation; Networking; Publishing
Location:  Romania
Telephone:  004021.319.32.66; 021.319.32.67;004031.402.26.32
Fax:  004021.311.51.62
Main contact:  Sorin Mierlea
Position:  President


Formerly know as The National Association for Consumers’ Protection and Promotion of Programs and Strategies from Romania – the InfoCons Association is a non-governmental, representative and independent organization of private law, whose mission is to work for a fair and safe marketplace for consumers.

InfoCons has been founded in 2003 to comply with consumers’ needs in Romania. Since then, we have continued to represent consumer interests in Romania. We put a lot of effort in informing and educating consumers about their rights, giving advice, mediating complaints, making local studies and tests, campaigning in the areas of food, health, financial education and environment and others. We publish InfoCons, the single Romanian comparative testing magazine and several consumer education websites. More recently, InfoCons has developed a mobile application that provides consumers with information on food labelling, travel, finance and EU consumer rights among other areas.

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