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Instituto Alana

Joining date:  16 Oct 2013
Operational language:  English
Member type:  Supporter
Type of Work:  Consumer information and education; Drafting and enforcement of competition legislation; Lobbying government agencies; Research/policy analysis; Drafting and enforcement of consumer protection legislation; Publishing
Location:  Brazil
Telephone:  +55 (11) 3472-1600
Main contact:  Isabella Henriques
Position:  Director


Instituto Alana works on several fronts to find paths of change that honour children and guarantee their full development in an environment of well being. Using innovative projects that include direct actions in child education and investments in the training of educators to the organisation of debates to heighten social awareness, Alana’s absolute priority is the children’s future.

On the Defence front Instituto Alana has the ‘Child and Consumption Project’, which since 2006 has been involved in discussing child consumerism, its causes and consequences, as well as the harmful effects of marketing communications and advertising have on children.

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