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IDEC - Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor (Council)

IDEC - Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor (Council)
Joining date:  14 Mar 1987
Operational language:  English, Español, Portuguese
Member type:  Member
Type of Work:  Campaigning and/or lobbying,Consumer Advice,Consumer Legislation,Dispute Resolution,Networking,Product Testing,Publishing
Location:  Brazil
Telephone:  +55 11 3874 2164, +55 11 3874 2150
Fax:  +55 11 3862 9844
Main contact:  Elici Mª Checchin Bueno
Position:  Executive Coordinator (Interim)


The main objectives of IDEC are: to contribute to a balanced and fair marketplace; to enforce and enhance consumer legislations; to promote consumer welfare, especially access to quality products and services; to improve the standards of sustainable consumption; and more generally to further the goals of democracy by stimulating citizen awareness and participation.Idec tests and evaluates products and services (including public services) and produces ground-breaking research through reports and case studies which findings are disseminated through their monthly magazine ‘Revista do Idec’ sent to members and subscribers throughout Brasil. IDEC handles about 20,000 complaints from consumers every year: there are mainly about health insurances, the banking sector and telecommunications. IDEC's interest in sustainable consumption started a long time ago. It produced a ‘Guide on Sustainable Consumption’ for the Ministry for Environment which is used as a school teacher manual.More recently, IDEC linked sustainable consumption to climate change urging consumers to change the way they consume rather than change the climate. A website was launched to enable consumers to calculate their CO2 emissions online. Corporate Social Responsibility is another priority area for IDEC who launched a campaign calling on banks to include consumer rights as part of their CSR commitments in March 2008.

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