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Consumers Lebanon - Jamyat Almoustahlk-Loubnan

Consumers Lebanon - Jamyat Almoustahlk-Loubnan
Joining date:  01 Jun 2003
Operational language:  English,Francés
Member type:  Member
Type of Work:  Campaigning and/or lobbying,Consumer Advice,Consumer Legislation,Dispute Resolution,Networking
Location:  Lebanon
Telephone:  +961 1 75 0650
Fax:  +961 1 75 0650
Main contact:  Dr. Zouhair Berro
Position:  The President


Consumers Lebanon defends consumer rights in Lebanon since 2000. Thanks to its action, a modern and efficient consumer protection legislation was ratified. Consumers Lebanon is an experienced and successful campaigning organisation: it has campaigned on a wide range of issues including food security, pollution, VAT, pesticides, drinkable water, Lebanon’s admission to the WTO and the establishment of a quarterly consumer price index. It also publishes a regular newsletter and runs a hotline where consumers can phone to report a complaint. Consumers Lebanon sits on a number of national committees and has become influential in terms of shaping public opinion. Its presence in the media is almost daily.

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