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Consumers Korea (formerly known as CACPK) - Sobija Siminmoin (Executive)

Consumers Korea (formerly known as CACPK) -  Sobija Siminmoin (Executive)
Joining date:  15 Mar 1983
Operational language:  English
Member type:  Member
Type of Work:  Campaigning and/or lobbying,Consumer Advice,Consumer Legislation,Networking,Product Testing,Publishing
Location:  South Korea
Telephone:  +82 2 739 5441/ 735 8907
Fax:  +82 2 736 5514
Main contact:  Ms Jahei Kim
Position:  President


Created in 1983, Consumers Korea (CK) is one of the most active consumer organisations in Korea as well as globally. CK strives to create a safer and fairer market for consumers as well as an economy based on the principles of sustainable development and social economic justice. CK enforces consumers’ rights and represent their interests through the publication of a magazine, SOBIJA REPORTS, based on results from test and research; lobbying; campaigns and the provision of consumer advice. Five major campaigns will take place in 2007: food safety, sustainable energy & consumption, standards, environment protection and a call to scrap the medical treatment act.

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"Consumers by definition, include us all," Kennedy said in 1962. His vision of consumer rights has developed into eight basic principles.
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