Member benefits

Applications for Membership are not being considered at this time as we are undergoing strategic development as an organisation. We will review this situation late 2016.

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Our Member benefits include:

1. Unrivalled intelligence


Receive must-have intelligence on consumer issues

With offices across the world and Member organisations in more than  115 countries, CI has unrivalled access to the latest intel on consumer rights. Whether it's new legislation, campaign successes, or abusive corporate practice, our teams bring the most important headlines direct to your inbox.

Join exclusive networking communities

We run a wide range of issue networks exclusively for our Members, giving them invaluable access to the latest thinking on topics they find important. From digital rights to consumer law to financial services, our popular e-networks have the answers to, and insights on, the most pressing consumer issues of the day.

Benefit from free and reduced rate attendance at events

Benefit from complimentary and reduced rates for a wide range of events including the CI World Congress, regional meetings, training workshops and exclusive deals at third party conferences. These events are specifically designed to bring the movement together to share experiences and build new relationships.

2. Influence, access, credibility

Help set the consumer rights agenda

CI gives you the opportunity to shape the consumer rights agenda by getting directly involved in our advocacy and research. This means working with other Members and Supporters to determine our campaigns, share expertise, and develop global policy. As a Member, you'll also have the right to vote at our General Assembly and stand for the CI Council or President position.

Gain increased credibility

Consumers International has been part of the international NGO community for over five decades - building up a reputation among donors and decision-makers for trust, integrity and results. Our Members are able to call on that reputation as part of their advocacy and fundraising objectives, and use our shared research, data and policy positions to compliment your own materials.

Accreditation and representation

As the only global consumer body recognised by the UN, we can provide our Members with accreditation to more than 30 international bodies and their relevant sub-committees; including the WHO, WTO, FAO, UNDP, UNEP and UNCTAD. We also provide access to Members, and advocate on their behalf, at the ISO, G20, OECD and the World Economic Forum.

This is a unique value to our Members and something that cannot be accessed at a national or regional level. We work hard to maintain these openings within the global governance community, giving our Members the ability to access them when their national objectives require it.

3. Funding, resources, and support

Access advocacy resources and technical support

Get access to our ever increasing database of policy papers, campaign toolkits, how-to guides, and training models. Developed for and by the consumer movement, we offer a unique library of materials to help your organisation grow in effectiveness and capacity.

Take advantage of our international expertise

With more than 50 years of experience, CI has a wealth of knowledge about how to effectively engage international decision-makers. Whether the goal is new WHO recommendations, lobbying the G20, or shaping the UN Guidelines on Consumer Protection - we help our Members influence the international framework to support their national advocacy objectives.

Learn about new business models for your organisation

We are committed to helping all our Member organisations grow in a sustainable way. This means providing guidance and insight on how to flourish in a rapidly changing social, economic and technological landscape. Whether it is advice on sustainable business models, providing support for your social media campaigns, or assisting you with your advocacy objectives, we have the expertise in house and at your disposal.

Access to funding opportunities

With strategically located offices in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East we are in prime position to take advantage of a variety of funding opportunities. This positioning allows us to provide our Members with access to grants, funded participation in CI programmes, and expert knowledge on trends within the donor community.

PLUS, you also get…

Exclusive webinars, newsletters, e-alerts, an annual Member pack, free print publications, campaign DVDs and online videos, directory listings, online coverage of your activities, social media promotions,  internship opportunities and much more.

AND ...

Our 24-hour response guarantee. We want to talk to our Members as often as we can. So much so, that we'll guarantee your local CI office will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours during weekdays.

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