Applications for Membership are not being considered at this time as we are undergoing strategic development as an organisation. We will review this situation at the start of 2016.

Want to be part of our growing movement? There are two types of membership that are specifically designed for consumer groups, and non-consumer groups:


Becoming a CI Member

To become a CI Member, organisations must meet the following criteria:

  • An independent consumer organisation that has a national or regional presence
  • Substantial record of programmes and services for consumers across a range of issues
  • Independent of party politics and not funded by commercial or trading corporations


Becoming a CI Supporter

To become a CI Supporter, organisations or individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • Not a consumer organisation,  but with a consumer interest
  • Activities and sources of funding do not compromise CI's principles of independence and impartiality or the code of conduct
  • Have no links with illegal or unethical practices


Government agencies or departments wishing to join CI, should apply as a Supporter.


What will your organisation receive? Take a look at the member benefits and supporter benefits.


What are the costs? Look at the CI Fees.

To join, download the Member application or the Supporter application.

Need help? Want to find out more? Email our Member Services team at

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