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Applications for Membership are not being considered at this time as we are undergoing strategic development as an organisation. We will continue to review this situation during 2017.

The growing consumer movement is empowering and protecting people everywhere. Join our family of more than 240 Members spanning 140 countries.

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Find out about our criteria, member benefits and supporter benefits and then fill out an application and associated documentation.

How to apply

Organisations must complete the relevant application form and email it to the Member Services team in London at, the focal point for managing member registration.

The supporting documentation required is:


  • A copy of the organisation's constitution or statutes
  • Proof of legal registration
  • Accounts or balance sheet, and
  • Relevant supporting documents, such as publications and reports.

Government Supporters

  • Organisation chart/organogram
  • Copies of your most recent publications
  • Strategic plan
  • Signed Principles of Cooperation


  • A copy of your Constitution / Articles of Association or legal status/registration
  • Registration certificate
  • Audited accounts for the most recent financial year
  • Copies of your most recent publications
  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding


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