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The Internet of Things and challenges for consumer protection

11 Apr 2016

This Consumers International (CI) report published in April 2016 looks at the Internet of Things and the challenges to consumer protection.

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The report looks at current and future applications of smart and Internet of Things technologies; the risks and opportunities for consumers' and the extent to which existing consumer protection frameworks are able to address and remedy potential problems. 

The research shows that while the benefits of greater connections are showing potential, many of the problems for consumers in the Internet of Things are no longer theoretical.

What's on offer:

  • Case studies and examples from high income countries showing how consumer issues are already emerging for these new technologies;
  • Primary research from consumer organisations in Kenya, Nigeria and the Philippines;
  • Two engaging infographics illustrating the challenges for consumer protection in relation to the Internet of Things.

Download the full report and briefing below in English:

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