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Report and webinar: Sustainable Business Model Survey

18 Apr 2013

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Essential reading for anyone interested in growing a sustainable consumer organisation, or the sustainability of NGOs more generally.

The Sustainable Business Model (SBM) survey, conducted in late 2012, looked at the strength and effectiveness of national consumer organisations (COs). The results paint a unique picture of the sustainability of the consumer movement it three specific ways:

Institutional Sustainability: the operating and development nature of the CO as a non-governmental organisation. This includes management structure, defining characters of a consumer organisation, organisational skills, strategic planning, decision-making process, roles and responsibilities, and human resources.

Financial sustainability: the means by which the CO sustains itself, including financial management and control systems, funding sources and strategies, and building financial reserves.

Programmatic sustainability: The networking capacity of the CO, together with its effectiveness in carrying out the following functions:

  • Research, testing and publishing product/service evaluations
  • Consumer education, information, and legal advice
  • Lobbying on policy formulation and decision-making processes (eg. As consumer representatives in councils, boards, committees or task-forces)
  • Representing consumers in seeking redress (tribunal, consumer courts

Related webinar

Watch an interactive webinar on the survey findings which discussed the future of the consumer group business model and how we are empowering our Member organisations.

Bjarne Pedersen, CI's Global Director for Partnerships and Organisational Empowerment, together with Luke Upchurch, Head of Communications and Stakeholder Relations, took part.





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