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How to create an online food labelling quiz as a lobbying tool

10 Jan 2014
AuthorConsumers International
PublisherConsumers International
IssueFood, Nutrition, How to guide

In March 2013, Consumers International (CI) initiated an online food labelling quiz designed to illustrate the difficulty that consumers currently face in choosing a healthy diet.

Ten CI Member organisations took part and more than 3,300 consumers across 11 countries completed the quiz. CI and its Members used the results from the quiz to lobby at national and international level for front-of-pack (FOP) nutrition labelling and other actions that facilitate healthy dietary choices.

This document is a ‘how to’ guide designed to enable other consumer organisations working in this area to replicate the quiz. Some of the information in this guide could also be used to develop online quizzes on other topics.

Included in this guide:

  • Advice on the resources needed
  • Tips on how to design and promote your quiz
  • Sample press release

Download the guide

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