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Consumer Champion

15 Jun 2016

'Consumer Champion' is a European Commission capacity building programme for consumer professionals across Europe, developed by Consumers International (CI) Member BEUC. The programme offers a wide range of activities such as training, e-learning, resources and networking opportunities. Consumer Champion offers consumer professionals a wide range of benefits and opportunities with the aim of strengthening the European consumer movement.

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Find out more and sign up to Consumer Champion here.

Consumer Champion provides training, networking opportunities and resources aimed at building the capacity and effectiveness of consumer organisations in Europe. It also promotes the exchange of best practices and experience.

What’s on offer:

The programme is based on three main pillars complementing each other:

  • Training – it offers different training options such as e-learning modules (e.g. on consumer law or topics such as energy and financial services), class teaching, local courses and expert courses.
  • Networking – it aims at building a European Consumer Network where members can share information and support each other.
  • Resources – it gathers useful resources, projects, expert input and up-to-date information on consumer news and events to provide a comprehensive consumer information centre.

Consumer Champion modules are currently available in English, as well as Croatian, Romanian, Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Slovak, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, and Hungarian.

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Consumer Champion targets consumer organisations and other stakeholders active in consumer policy or with similar objectives, such as ECCs, media, and public authorities at local, national or European level in EU Member States, EEA and candidate countries. With a specific focus on the CESEE countries where the consumer movement is not sufficiently developed and/or influential, this broader audience is intended to enhance outreach and encourage cross-fertilisation.

Consumer Champion is a European Commission project and run by CI Member BEUC. It is a follow-up programme of the previous capacity building project, TRACE, funded by the European Commission.

Find out more and sign up to Consumer Champion here.


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