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Antibiotics Off The Menu

25 Feb 2016
AuthorConsumers International

This Consumers International (CI) report from February 2016 looks at the commitments that three of the largest global fast food restaurant chains have made on antibiotics in their supply chains.  


Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health facing us today. The report finds that the responses of McDonald’s, Subway and KFC to this global health crisis have so far been ‘woefully inadequate.’ McDonald’s and Subway have made commitments in North America only and KFC has not made meaningful commitments anywhere. 

If urgent action is not taken to tackle antibiotic resistance we could face a future where common infections and minor injuries can kill again.

CI are calling for global timebound commitments to end the routine use of antibiotics important in human medicine, across all meat and poultry supply chains. 

The report was compiled, with participation from our membership, in the lead up to World Consumer Rights Day on March 15th, the global day of action on consumer rights. 


What’s on offer:

  • Background on how the overuse of antibiotics in the agricultural sector is fuelling the growing antibiotic resistance health crisis and why the consumer movement has a role to play;
  • Results of CI Members' letter writing campaign to the restaurant chains;
  • A summary and analysis of the existing global commitments of McDonald's, KFC and Subway and why they must do more.


Download the report below in English, Spanish and French.

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