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ISO resource: Standards e-learning modules
Apr 2013

Learn what standards are and their importance to consumers.

First steps in Standards representation: a guide for consumer organisations
Dec 2005
  |  TS-10-HO (English) 

A guide for consumer organisations on how to participate in national and international Standards making.

Issue    standards  
Decision Making in the Global Market: Trade, Standards and the Consumer
Oct 2005
  |  GG-06-HO (English) 

An analysis of the effects of trade agreements on consumer interests.

Issue    standards  

Argentina: Standards-setting for electrical connection systems
Sep 2005
  |  TS-02-HO (English) 

The Argentine case study presents a paradox.

Issue    standards  
Czech Republic: Consumer protection carries little weight in food safety norms
Sep 2005
  |  TS-03-HO (English, Spanish) 

A overview of food safety standards coinciding with the entry of the Czech Republic into the EU.

Issue    standards  

India: bottled water testing shows the challenges of keeping standards up to date and enforced
Sep 2005
  |  TS-04-HO (English) 

Results of testing the national and EU norms to obtain implementation of mandatory national standards for water quality.

Issue    standards  
Indonesia: Too little participation, too late
Sep 2005
  |  TS-05-HO (English) 

A case study showing consumers lost out in the interplay between realistic national standards and protectionist international ones.

Issue    standards  

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