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Common cause, collective action: The extent and nature of co-operation using new web technologies
Mar 2013

Can technology help consumers to work together towards collective action?

IP Watchlist 2012
Apr 2012

Now in its fourth year, Consumers International's IP Watchlist 2012 is a survey of the copyright laws and enforcement practices of 30 countries.

IP Watchlist 2011
Apr 2011

IP Watchlist: Assesses the fairness of the world's intellectual property laws and enforcement practices from the consumer perspective.

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Access to Knowledge - A Guide for Everyone
Sep 2010

An accessible introduction to the A2K movement and the institutions, concepts and issues involved.

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A2K for Consumers: Reports of Campaigns and Reports 2008-2010
Aug 2010

A substantial new volume of reports from Consumers International on our research and campaigning activities over the last two years.

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