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ETFP Summary
Sep 2010

Summary of the Ethical Trade Fact-finding Process (ETFP) project, including a thorough review of existing studies on the nature and extent of unreliab...

Consumers and the future work of the WTO - where do we want to go from here?
Jan 2006
  |  TE-31-HO (English) 

This paper by Phil Evans is a commentary on his manual, `Unwrapping the WTO: what consumers need to know'.

Issue    Trade  

Unwrapping the WTO: what consumers need to know
Jan 2006
  |  TE-30-HO (English) 

A revised and updated version of 'Unpacking the GATT'.

Issue    Trade  
Putting consumers at the heart of trade
Oct 2005
  |  TE-27-HO (English, Spanish, French) 

Consumers International policy positions and recommendations for the World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial in Hong Kong.

Issue    Trade  

Making markets work better for development and the poor in Lao PDR
Jul 2005
  |  TE-30-ROAP (English) 

Competition law and consumer protection issues.

Issue    Trade  
The G8 and Africa – Turn Talk into Action
Jun 2005
  |  TE-26-HO (English, French)) 

Consumers International believes that now is the time for the G8 to stop proposing piecemeal reforms for Africa.

Issue    Trade  

The proposed US-SACU Free Trade Agreement: Analysis and potential impacts
Jun 2005
  |  TE-26-ROAF (English) 

Agriculture, services and other issues in the context of the bilateral negotiations between the USA and SACU countries.

Issue    Trade  
The Agreement on Agriculture, post-Seattle
Apr 2004
  |  TE-08-HO (English, French, Spanish) 

Agricultural trade liberalisation measures to be reviewed and revised to ensure food security for all consumers.

Issue    Trade  

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