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Green Action Fund: Campaign Guide
Apr 2013

Find out more about campaigning for safe, sustainable food.

The relationship between supermarkets and suppliers - summary
Oct 2012

What do unfair buying practices of supermarkets mean for consumers?

What assures consumers on Climate Change
Jun 2007

The study shows that three quarters felt unable to alter their personal carbon footprint.

From bean to cup: how consumer choice impacts upon coffee producers and the environment
Dec 2005

A report that examines consumer awareness of the impact of sustainable certified coffees on producers and the environment.

Cultivating a Crisis: The Global Impact of the Common Agricultural Policy
Sep 2003
  |  TE-21-HO (English) 

European consumers will pay a high price for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) when the European Union expands.

Implementing Sustainable Consumption and Production Policies
May 2002

UNEP and CI - in liaison with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA)

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