Consumers must take on established power

02 Apr 2014

amanda on white TH

In one of her first public addresses since taking up the post CI Director General Amanda Long, has called upon the world’s consumer organisations to win the battle for relevance and immediacy in people’s daily lives.

Addressing the CI Asia Pacific and the Middle East regional conference, Ms Long spoke of the history and power of the global consumer movement, before addressing the need to harness digital technologies and act upon consumer trends, as corporate interests have.

Amanda Long delivered the speech as part of a series of engagements in the region, including the keynote address at the International Conference on Consumer Protection in the Digital Age in Thailand, and the Hong Kong Consumer Council's 40th anniversary symposium event.

Ms Long said:

“If we are to remain relevant and immediate to the lives of the consumers we represent, we must meet them where they are and address the questions they seek answers to every single day.”

The Director General showed why staying immediate was important. She highlighted how digital technology today allows people to interact with unprecedented amounts of information  - in real time, whilst on the move.

She went on to emphasise how technology allows consumers to provide feedback and get their voices heard. Not just as individuals, but as collectives – the likes of which the world has never seen.

Ms Long said:

“We can be an army of collective voices. Collectively, consumers can take on established power and win.

This means embracing digital technologies as the main driver for consumer information exchange, engagement and mobilisation.”

Ms Long noted that CI must to be a force of insight, access, influence and innovation for the world’s leading consumer organisations.

“We must ensure that we win the battle for relevance and immediacy in people’s daily lives,” Amanda Long said.

Amanda Long's full speech can be downloaded below.

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