CI gears up for the Rio+20 Earth Summit

22 Mar 2012



It is now less than 100 days until the Rio + 20 Earth summit! The summit, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro Brazil from 20-22 June will be attended by leaders from around the world and will be a critical point in deciding whether countries can act together to secure a more sustainable future for the planet.


CI believes the rights and responsibilities of consumers can and must play a pivotal role in making this great leap to a sustainable future.  And as the leading international voice on sustainable consumption and one of the Organising Partners for the UN Major Group of NGOs we have a well-established role in the process.


For more information on the specific outcomes CI wants from the Rio Summit see CI's recommendations to Rio + 20.


'Zero draft' released

The first draft of the Rio + 20 summit outcome document, The Future We Want (or 'Zero draft' as it is technically known) was presented to governments and stakeholders at a meeting in New York in December 2011.


CI was pleased that paragraph 97 of the draft includes a commitment to support 'the ten year framework of programmes'. This is one of CI's key recommendations and, if adopted, will lead to the establishment of an international framework for action in five areas that are relevant to sustainable consumption and production: food, energy, waste, water and transport.


The framework could also have a direct impact on CI members work as it will encourage governments around the world to support sustainable production and consumption, providing members with opportunities to engage in these important issues and promote their national and regional work.




What happens now?


CI will continue to be closely engaged in the final stages of pre-Rio negotiations, representing consumer rights groups from around the world. The final stages in the process are:


  1. The first round of so-called 'informal-informals negotiations' on the zero draft 19-23 March, New York.

  2. The 'third intercessional meeting' 26-27 March, New York.

  3. The second round of 'informal-informal' negotiations between 23 April and 4 May, New York.

  4. The 3rd Preparatory Committee Meeting of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development 13-15 June.


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