CI today

A quick glance at the work of CI today shows how much we have built on the aims and objectives of the five founding organisations.


CI President, Jim Guest

An international force

We currently have offices in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America; and project coordinators in Argentina and the Caribbean.

Our coordination of the TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue gives us unique access to Brussels and Washington, whilst our formal status with global governing bodies such as the World Health Organisation, the World Intellectual Property Organisation and the UN Commission on Sustainable Development puts us right at the heart of some of the most important consumer issues of the day.

Our global campaigning and policy work also reflects the changing scope of our role, building on the early days of mere information exchange on product testing.

Financial services

Today CI's view is sought on the critical consumer issues of the age. In response to the current uncertain economic times, CI in 2010 submitted recommendations to the UN's high-level committee on the financial crisis and launched the associated campaign for World Consumer Rights Day 2010 under the banner 'Our Money, Our Rights'.

Climate change and energy

Our policy framework on climate change will inform our campaign of climate change and sustainable access to energy in the coming years, placing consumer demand for low-carbon, sustainable goods and services at the heart of the debate.

Pressuring corporations

Holding corporations to account is also central to what we do. We continue to put direct pressure on major corporations by researching and reporting on their business practices, most recently pharmaceutical and food companies.

Social responsibility

Alongside programmes on ethical trade that took place in 2010 and beyond, we also celebrated the culmination of years of tireless CI campaigning on ISO 26000. This has seen the start of the ability to give consumers an unprecedented opportunity to measure a company's behaviour against an internationally recognised standard of ethics.

Access to Knowledge

We are also breaking new ground in other areas such as intellectual property and copyright law where consumer privacy and access to knowledge have become crucial consumer rights issues in the digital age.


Our membership continues to develop as we help build long-term capacity - in infrastructure, campaigning, communication and advocacy - in organisations across the world. Whether this is through project participation, capacity building workshops, or information exchange, we are working to maximise our members' potential, both nationally and as part of the global movement.

Behind the scenes

Our achievements are often behind the scenes - influencing consumer protection laws, pushing for consumer-focused legislation, arguing vital details in international committees, and ensuring consumer groups are consulted as stakeholders where their voice matters.

The future

We have spent over 50 years helping our members stand up for the rights of consumers and fighting to give those rights due prominence on the international agenda. We hope to spend the next 50 doing more of the same.

Best wishes to all our members and supporters,

The Consumers International team

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