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Campaign to get antibiotics off the menu
Antibiotics Campaign so far
Antibiotics off the menu - infographics
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Visual petition to Fast Food Chains
Promoting healthy diets worldwide
Salt reduction
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Food Marketing to Children
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McDonald’s, Subway and KFC fail to respond to worldwide antibiotic resistance health risk
Antibiotics Off The Menu message delivered to millions
WCRD 2016 Antibiotics off the menu
CI calls on McDonalds, Subway and KFC to cut use of antibiotics in meat supply
World Consumer Rights Day
About WCRD
WCRD 2016: Antibiotic Resistance
WCRD 2016 map
WCRD 2015: Healthy diets
WCRD 2015 map
WCRD 2014: Fix Our Phone Rights
WCRD 2017: Building a digital world consumers can trust
Consumer justice and protection
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Implementing the UN guidelines
consumer protection survey
Consumer business models
CPL in Southern Africa
Consumer protection in Bangladesh
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CPL in West Africa
Sustainable Development Goals
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Social Media Activism
Consumer privacy and data protection
Access to Knowledge
Media capacity building
Latest Campaign News
eMobile tracking service raises serious privacy and consumer safety concerns
Press release: Testing internet-connected toys raises security and privacy concerns
Building a digital world that consumers can trust
Press release: Global consumer movement response to Galaxy Note7 fiasco
Saving lives with safer cars
Governments must protect consumers from unsafe cars
Call for ‘No More Zero Star Cars’
Consumers need to know
Campaign infographics
Car Safety News
Quadricycle safety in the spotlight
UN resolution backs consumers’ right to safe vehicles
CI joins #STOPTHECRASH partnership
GM CEO undermines global campaign to end preventable deaths caused by unsafe cars
Double Standards in car safety contributes to high death toll on the roads in Latin America
Top selling car gets ZERO safety rating
CI car safety call to global car manufacturers
US advocates to General Motors: Protect all consumers from unsafe cars
Financial Services
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Mobile payments
Consumers for fair financial services
Personal stories
Financial education
Financial education in East Africa
Financial literacy and responsible borrowing in Tanzania
Consumer protection in the Caribbean
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car safety area for members
Annonce des gagnants du Green Action Fund 2016
JMDC 2017: les droits des consommateurs à l'ère du numérique
Consumers International obtient l'adoption de Normes internationales sur l'accès à l'énergie
Norme des services bancaires mobiles ISO 12812
معيار ISO 12812 للخدمات المصرفية عبر الهاتف المحمول
اليوم العالمي لحقوق المستهلك 2017: حقوق المستهلك في العصر الرقمي
حملة المضادات الحيوية خارج قائمة طعامنا
المنظمة العالمية للمستهلك تضع معيارا دوليا حول للحصول على الطاقة
إعلان الفائزين بمنحة صندوق العمل الأخضر 2016
Campagne pour retirer les Antibiotiques
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Global update
CI Letter to Samsung: Galaxy Note7
Car Safety Guide – Launch materials
Quiz Antibiotiques
Antibiotics Quiz
AMR Quiz
An open letter to the CEOs of KFC, McDonald’s and Subway
Car buying Guide - Other languages
Guide to buying a safer car
Car buying Guide - India
World Consumer Rights Day 2017 - Resource Pack
WCRD 2017 - Social Media Resources
Journée mondiale des droits des consommateurs 2017 - Pack de ressources
Ressources relatives aux réseaux sociaux
اليوم العالمي لحقوق المستهلك 2017 - حزمة الموارد
Social Media resources - Arabic
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