Implementing the UN guidelines

CI have created a guide to the UN Consumer Protection Guidelines. You can download the booklet below. To support this we have also created a short animation to explain the importance of consumer protection. 

Check out the video here.

The world’s consumers need laws fit for today. 

In December 2015 the UN General Assembly adopted the revised UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection. First adopted in April 1985, this was the first comprehensive revision of the Guidelines in more than thirty years.

Consumers International (CI) is proud to have played an active part in the revision of the Guidelines, developing detailed recommendations in consultation with our international membership and working closely with national consumer protection agencies to ensure the Guidelines continue to be a valuable tool for the development of consumer protection around the world.

CI is now working with our Members to develop  international and national initiatives that use the momentum created by this revision process to strengthen consumer protection around the world. 


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