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Consumer Rights and Services Organization (CRSO)

Joining date:  19 Apr 2012
Operational language:  English
Member type:  Affiliate
Type of Work:  Campaigning and/or lobbying; Research / Policy analysis; Research / Policy analysis
Location:  Afghanistan
Telephone:  0093-706006750
Main contact:  Mr. Ahmad Masoud
Position:  Director


Consumer Rights and Services Organization (CRSO) is the first non-political, non-for-profit, and an independent national Afghan organization founded in 2011with a view to promote consumer rights and fair competition in Afghanistan. Being registered with the Ministry of Economy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, CRSO strives to building the capacity of the institutions that will give citizens a voice to know, ask, and defend their consumer rights and support the development and implementation of the provisions of fair competition and consumer protection policies which will play a crucial role in the economic growth and prosperity of Afghanistan. CRSO works to protect, improve and promote consumer rights and fair competition through formal and informal education, advocacy, research, and citizen empowerment by public awareness campaigns, roundtables, seminars and workshops.
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