Joining CI enables you to join our e-networks, where the most eminent experts in the consumer movement share vital information to help you campaign effectively.


You can also freely discuss issues on the networks to better develop a policy position and or simply sharpen a public facing campaign with the latest data.

These member-only networks cover food, financial services, World Consumers Rights Day, sustainable consumption, digital, energy, consumer justice and standards.

By co-operating and talking to each other, we make the consumer movemment stronger and help protect consumers everywhere.

CI's team of experts regularly use the networks to alert members to vital developments which then form the basis for lively debate. They are also a place for you to share experiences build campaign contacts.

Join the debate by signing up to any of our six e-networks. If you are a CI Member, then email us to join any of the following networks:

  • sustainable consumption
  • financial services
  • digital
  • food
  • consumer justice and protection
  • standards



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