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Developing rights-based consumer protection advocacy strategies

04 Jun 2013
AuthorJami Solli
IssueConsumer Protection



This report looks at the process of passing new consumer protection legislation-a long and often politicised process.

Few governments adequately assess the needs of the public or the cost of implementation with regard to consumer law. Therefore, new legislation is often passed without the necessary budget to implement the law, or to conduct market monitoring or supervision.  As a result, legislation passed without a budget becomes 'a white elephant for which the public pays'.

Consumer advocates, therefore, face a multi-pronged challenge; they need to be well versed in the laws which are on the books, and use the relevant pro-consumer principles contained in the laws to develop rights-based advocacy strategies.

This report has been published as part of CI's work, with its six partner consumer organisations, for the Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa project: Consumer citizens as drivers for pro poor development - rising to the challenges.


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