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Consumer Champion
Jun 2016

'Consumer Champion' is a unique capacity building programme for consumer professionals across Europe.

Risky business: The case for reform of sales incentives schemes in banks
Oct 2014

CI assesses the threat sales incentives pose to consumer protection.

Issue    Financial services  

Mobile payments briefing
Jan 2014

Find out more about protecting consumers who use mobile payments.

Issue    Financial services  
Webinar: International action on Financial Consumer Protection – what’s next?
Dec 2013

Experts look at what has been done since the 2008 crash and discuss future trends.

Responsible lending: An International Landscape
Nov 2013

Learn about the worldwide impact of irresponsible lending and debt.

Issue    Financial services  

In search of good practices in financial  consumer protection
Jul 2013

Analysis of best practice throughout the world.

Issue    Financial services  
Tanzania Consumer Advocacy Society Financial Education Guide
May 2013

Helping consumers make better choices.

Issue    Financial services  

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