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The relationship between supermarkets and suppliers
Aug 2012

Is a rise in the number of EU supermarkets a good thing for consumers?

The Consumer Guide to Competition: A Practical Handbook
Mar 2003
  |  TE-23-HO (English) 

The issues that competition analysis can cover and potential problem areas.

Issue    Competition, Trade  

Consumers, Multilateral Competition Policy and the WTO
Mar 2003
  |  TE-22-HO (English) 

Indentifying the various consumer perspectives that should be incorporated into any multilateral competition agreement discussion.

Issue    Trade, competition  
Multilateral framework for competition policy; Where do African consumers stand?
Apr 2002
  |  TE-02-ROAF (English) 

James Hurungo and Moses Tekere, Trade & Development Studies Centre for Consumers International's Africa Office.

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