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Unless otherwise stated Consumers International (CI) encourages the free copying, dissemination and reuse of its publications and other materials, provided that anyone who does these things allows others the same freedoms that CI grants.

As such, it is CI's default policy to licence its publications under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike licence (whichever version is current at the time of publication).  The contents of this website are so licensed unless otherwise noted, with the following exceptions:

  • The CI Logo and the name 'Consumers International' are trade marks, and should not be used, except to identify CI, without its written consent.  If you have materially altered any CI publication, you must remove the CI logo from it before distributing your altered copies (but otherwise retaining the attribution to CI for its original work).
  • The licence granted above does not extend to any materials published by third parties that may be linked from this website.  Please consult those third parties for the terms under which their materials are licensed.

By using this website, you agree that any copyright works that you contribute to CI through the site (for example, comments to blog posts) are also to be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike licence.

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